13th Annual Medical Device & Diagnostic Labeling Conference


Chicago May 24-25, 2023.   Join enLabel Global Services, Inc., Q1 Productions and an all-star lineup of Industry Leaders and Subject Matter Experts from the Medical Device and Diagnostic verticals. 

Ken Legault, President of enLabel Global Services, Inc, will deliver the future of labeling and innovations in label/IFU content delivery.

This interactive webinar and group discussion will allow participants to engage and share their perspectives on innovative pathways for label & IFU delivery, new trends & possibilities with e-labeling, and an outlook into where technology is headed in a varitety of global markets. Exhanging insights and views on instances of success, as well as challenge, will allow attendees to obtain a greater overall understanding of these innovations in multiple locations.

The session will focus on complying with evolving label/IFU content delivery on the international level, as well as focusing on enhancing the end to end operational management of packaging and labeling.

Other industry experts, regulatory bodies and standard organizations will also provide professional insight via engaging presentations, specialized breakout sessions and panel discussions.

We look forward to talking with you soon!


 For additional event information, please visit, www.q1productions.com.


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About enLabel Global Services

Founded in 2005, enLabel Global Services has completely changed the pace of the global enterprise packaging industry, by providing the World’s only end-to-end Integrated Packaging Management (IPM) Software Platform. Headquartered in the historical North End of Boston, MA, enLabel Global Services is a Technology and Consulting Services Company that works diligently with manufacturers and distributors in the Medical Device, Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Aerospace and Petro/Chemical industries. With a state-of-the-art streamlined approach to the global packaging process, enLabel is an industry leader in achieving zero-defect packaging, worldwide. For more information on the enLabel IPM Software Platform, as well as global compliance and additional services, please visit enLabel.com.