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Supply Chain and Distribution

Supply Chain DistributionIntegrated Packaging Management is now, more than ever, a key component of good manufacturing practices. The effect that Integrated Packaging Management systems have on the modern corporation resonates throughout the supply chain. It directly impacts time to market, quality, regulatory compliance, marketing, sales, support, logistics and ultimately customer well being and loyalty. Integrated Packaging Management can also effect profits and shareholder value.

Getting the right product to the right client at the right time is a key objective in enLabel solutions. In fact, this is a universal value proposition for the best in customer care, satisfaction and good business practices.

For example, in many instances repack or split pack operations are performed in the shipping and receiving areas of distribution centers. At this point the need for re-labeling, re-issuance of IFU (Instructions For Use) and other packaging and labeling functions becomes necessary.

enLabel's Integrated Packaging Management solutions offer automated shipping, receiving, tracking and verification systems and services. In these systems shipments and receipts are automatically tracked and verified through electronic data exchange with business or warehousing systems.  This procedure provides Track and Trace reporting.  It also assures proper labeling and identification of goods, especially when reprints, repacks or split packing is required.

Our automated shipping and receiving solutions offer full shipment audit trails. These include the details and actions in regards to any packaging variations introduced during the process. Our implementations are fully configurable.  They offer complete visibility and provide information for internal planning and customer inquiries.

enLabel Benefits

Integration with ERP and manufacturing systems to streamline processes and maximize efficiency.

The right product to the right client at the right time
Real-time labeling means that distribution, transportation, and logistics processes run more efficiently.

Compliance Expertise FDA 21 CFR Part 11, EU MDD, OSHA, DOT, GMP, and UDI


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